I am super duper happy that you decided to stop by and learn a little more about me! Settle in, this charm-bomb is about to explode.


I'm Felicity Greiner and I currently live in Lancaster, Kentucky. I'm originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, but I guess I needed a little more adventure in my life, so my husband and I packed up and moved to the Bluegrass.  

I am a wife and mom to two wonderful fur-babies. My husband, Mark, is also creative and loves to make his own movies and comics. Lady Tottying (or Totty, Tater Tot, Tater Toot, Hotty Totty, and Poop for short) is my beloved Goldendoodle who might be my spirit animal. Meowzer is our cat, and he is generally grumpy and stares at everyone from a know, in that cute, murdery way.

In 2012, I graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts. Since college, I realized that my jam was actually crafting so I kept going with it. Turns out, it's pretty amazing. I enjoy working in a mix of crafting vibes and throw in a little bit of classy fine art once in a while--it's similar to the days when you actually feel like putting pants on; they don't happen often, but it's nice when it does. I've had my work shown on major retailer websites and stores, as well as in several magazines, such as Romantic Homes and Craft Ideas. 

"But Felicity, what makes!" Well folks....I love spending far too much time and money at Hobby Lobby, sitting at home in my pajamas with my two boyfriends Nap and Netflix, and reciting my useless movie quote knowledge with my husband. I am truly a homebody at heart and I will choose spending time with my family over pizza...that's right PIZZA. That's kind of a big deal. Pizza isn't even my favorite food, so I'm not sure why I chose that. It's actually buffalo chicken for anyone that is dying to know.

I wish I could narrow down my list of crafting super-powers; I can, however, name my one arch nemesis...sewing. Lately, I've been keeping my enemy closer and learning to sew. There is actually a movie coming out about how I battle my sewing machine and its evil needle army that are trying to take over the world (June 2030 premier). Right now, I particularly enjoy painting, hand lettering, and illustration. I love a little bit of everything, so that list could change next week. My biggest inspirations are vintage and antique stores, my family, and nature. Really, I just want to create things that make my heart poop its pants.

Anyways, thanks for visiting. You should stop by all the time, maybe there will be a scavenger hunt or a super top secret code to take over the world. 


K byyyye! 

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